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The Need for Adaptive Design

There are different needs in a home for a family with a special needs child. In our own home we’ve made it a priority to create safe, functional and beautiful spaces for our family that are adapted to our eldest child’s needs. We’ve paid special attention to doorway widths, patterns on area rugs, accessible areas, and how we can help make our home as safe as possible for her to enjoy it with the rest of our family.

We know that for many families, home design needs to address lighting considerations, special equipment, and accessible hygiene accommodations should be tailored to a child’s and caregivers’ needs.

Textile Patterns

Doorway Widths

Accessible Widths

Lighting Needs

Hygiene Accommodations

It’s a big job to care for a child with special needs - and your space makes a difference

Creating a place for relaxation and rejuvenation is so important to keep your energy and strength up as you handle doctor and therapy appointments, day-to-day caregiving, school needs, and often caring for other children as well.

When you consider renovating your home, whether it’s a remodel or redecorating, think about how much easier it would be to have a designer and contractor to help that is familiar with the world of special needs.

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There are so many changes that can be made in a single room to better accommodate a loved one with special needs, and it may feel overwhelming to just get started. From lighting and textiles, to special equipment and accessible hygiene accommodations, we'll help you design a functional space that's both safe and enjoyable for everyone in your family.

We currently work on bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms, sensory rooms and bathrooms.

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