Moss Bowl

I love moss, and good thing because in Oregon it grows EVERYWHERE. Moss creeps up tree trunks, drips from the branches and covers the forest floor with a springy carpet. It makes everything green. It’s truly magical. We made the neatest sign for our shoppe with lots of moss (and LOTS of hot glue) and it just feels like the Pacific Northwest. A client asked me to decorate her home and really wanted to include a moss bowl and I knew I had the chops to make it myself. If you want a bowl of PNW goodness in your home, keep reading for the how-to, links and a time-lapse at the end showing how I did it.


It is so easy and makes such a big impact. The white bowl against the emerald moss is stunning.


Here’s what you need:

I started by putting the foam blocks in the bottom of the bowl and then filling in around the blocks with the paper. Then I laid the sheet moss on the bowl and trimmed around it so it was just a bit smaller than the rim. I put hot glue all over the bottom of the moss sheet and pressed it into the bowl. Next, I pulled the moss sheet back around the edges bit by bit and put some hot glue on the bowl. Tuck it back in there so your sheet moss doesn’t pull up out of the bowl.

Next, start layering! Do a dry run first, pulling in big chunks of moss and placing it all around. The goal here isn’t to secure every.single.piece, but to give enough adhesion that it doesn’t shift or get blown off when you move it or open a window for a breeze. No moss tornadoes. No mossnado.

Finally, arrange your accent moss. The pack I bought included some lime green spanish moss and purple reindeer moss that I decided not to use in this bowl. I didn’t follow a particular pattern but I did keep the accent pieces from being too large. I’m so pleased with how this turned out. It adds so much texture to a space while still being minimal. My kind of decor. Enjoy my friends!

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