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When we made over our bedroom (you can see that transformation here), I used decor from some great sources. BUT I realized I never shared where in the world I got stuff from! My goal for our bedroom was to create a calm, neutral fortress of solitude…and on a budget. Since we participated in the One Room Challenge, we tackled this space and finished it in 5 weeks. Granted, it was small, but I’m still pretty proud of the infamous not-finishers actually finishing a job. Even though our closet still needs some organizing. Doh. Guess we didn’t get totally done. At least we have closet doors now though! 95% done is way better than the 23% we were tracking with before the ORC.

The thing that made the biggest overall impact visually for me was painting the trim. Our home is to the max with the orange-ish oak trim. It’s in great condition, but to me, there’s something really fresh and pretty about white trim. We painted ours with a semi-gloss trim paint, which we didn’t tint at all. We usually will do that because then it’s super easy to touch up. You don’t have to worry about getting a perfect match! We primed first, then put two coats on. Our bedroom walls were white before, so the off-white color choice (Seagull by PPG) maybe seemed silly, BUT it desperately needed painted and surprised me with how much different it looks in there! I love that it’s a very warm white that has some yellow undertones. It is a very calm, soothing color and next to the white white trim, it’s just right.

The furniture that we added to this space was pretty minimal, but the biggie was a bed. Yeah, I know. We were like college kids sleeping on the mattress on the floor. I sold our bedframe, thinking I had found the one I wanted, then decided I didn’t want that one after all and ended up looking for one for months. And months. And some more months. I ended up purchasing one from a local furniture store, and our chair is from there also. The desk is a craigslist find (but here’s a similarly styled one)  and so are the closet doors. As for the decor…

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Drapes: I like to get drapes that end up being near the ceiling with the drapes touching the floor, making the room look taller. I got the 96″ Riviera Striped in Sandalwood

Wall lamp : I was obsessing about this lamp long before we decided to do our bedroom, and I’m so happy I was the client to get to use this. It’s VERY long, which is unique and fun, and I used it in place of a bedside table lamp.

Pillows (white): these pillows might have been boring, except for the delicious texture.

Pillow (green): ummmmm….isn’t this the best color green ever? It’s velvet. It’s a lumbar. It’s green. It’s fantastic.

Black pillow: I wasn’t able to track down the original, but this one is SO GOOD.

Table lamp: I love the brass accents on this tripod lamp.

Curtain rod: curtain rods purchased online can be tricky because you just don’t know if a good deal means they’re going to be cheap. I’m happy to say that these were great AND inexpensive. I needed a long one to go over the sliding glass door and a shortie to go above a window and these came in both sizes. The simple finials were just what this room called for.

Shelving: the brass ties in nicely with the tripod lamp!

Art: the colors and simplicity were everything I wanted in my bedroom. Creams, browns, blues were perfect! These were an instant download, so I purchased, then uploaded the files to our local print shop. They look pretty good in my matching thrift store frames!

Desk chair: I have had this for a couple of years now and I’m so pleased with how it’s held up. I like the skinny legs and the simple design. Let me know in the comments your very favorite part of this room design or if there’s something you’re going to end up using in your own home!

Photos by Swiss and Dot Photography

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