Lifeless Tool Shed to Light Filled Office


This tool shed was a labor of love and a little of crazy. Let me show you what is used to look like…

At the time of the video, we had already replaced the 8 ft sliding barn door with some gawgeous french doors. Then came the windows, the insulation, wiring, sheet rock, texture, paint, sanding floors and sealing. It took about a billion fewer hours for me to type it than it was to have that work done. It was a process. But don’t worry…I was the epitome of patience and longsuffering. And not nagging. I don’t even know how to do that.

Ryan was out there in his “free” time insulating, putting in the windows, wiring, hanging sheet rock…just about everything! He’s quite the mastermind and a meticulous craftsman. I mean, a guy who works full time doing remodels and new construction for other people, and then comes home and puts things together for his wife…he’s a keeper. I’m 100% serious when I say he is my better half.I only had a few contributions to the overall construction side of things. I convinced my hubs that the beat up, stained, uneven boards on the floor were going to be amazing once they got some elbow grease lovin’, he turned me loose on it. Up to that point, I really wasn’t much help. Other than not nagging. Which I excel at. Oh, and picking the paint color.

I had a vision for this space. I wanted it to be bright and cheery, but not pretentious. I feel like that is a fairly good representation of myself. I love rocking the mom bun, jeans and sneakers (kicks, skids, slorps…whatever the kids are calling them these days. And if you caught that FRIENDS reference, we should be besties forever). I also like trying adult clothing sometimes, complete with grown-up things like necklaces and dangly earrings (or, in toddler vernacular, nooses and earlobe torture pulleys).I feel most comfortable in a space that is clean and bright and a little bit shiny. My brain cooperates in spaces like that, so I wanted to make sure that my office was an area that allowed for the best possible atmosphere for work and creativity.



Like Cinderella, the office lost it’s slipper and turned back into the scullery maid. But only until the handsome prince gets the BIG shop built (in the coming months), then I get my pretty office space back. I’m excited to see how I’ll pull all the decor and furniture together this next time around, as my tastes have slightly changed in the last year and a bit. What do you guys think? Raise your hand if you have a she-shed, and even higher if you WANT one!

Before shots and progress shots by Morgan Motsinger

After shots Xiomara Gard Imago Dei Photography

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