Favorites: Window Treatments

Windows are the eyes of the house, and window treatments are the false lashes and winged eyeliner. Curtains and shades add so much warmth to a space, even if they’re a neutral color. We’ve used a variety of custom and box store window treatments over the years, and I wanted to share some of my go-tos for clients and for myself.

I highly recommend hanging your curtains close to the ceiling (unless they’re vaulted of course). It gives real height to the room and can make a small space feel bigger. If you need to buy ones that are too long for your space, an easy hack is using this iron-on adhesive for a no-sew hem.

I’ve got a good mixture of privacy and blackout curtains in our lineup. In our kids’ rooms I have blackout curtains, and in our room I have light filtering. Whatever works for your space!

Untitled design (1).png
  1. Blackout Linen Roman Shade
  2. Classic Linen Roman Shade
  3. Light Filtering Custom Roller Shade
  4. Striped Curtain in Sandalwood
  5. Jamie Stripe Drape
  6. Linen Blackout Curtain
  7. Velvet Blackout Curtain
  8. Floral Curtain
  9. Kids’ Blackout Clipped Dot Curtain

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