Master Bedroom Sources

When we made over our bedroom (you can see that transformation here), I used decor from some great sources. BUT I realized I never shared where in the world I got stuff from! My goal for our bedroom was to create a calm, neutral fortress of solitude…and on a budget. Since we participated in the […]

Special Needs, Special Project

It has been one month since we had the big reveal on our first Lot 35 Connect project. Our big-picture goal is to help care for our special needs community by giving parents of a special needs child a bedroom makeover. Rest and overall emotional and mental health is SO important for caregivers. How can […]

If you were dating a construction project…

If you were dating a construction project, you could count on 4 things: He would always be late. If he said he’d be there on Monday at 6 pm, you could count on seeing him the following Saturday at 2:59 am. He also won’t call to let you know until Monday at 6:35 that he […]

Questions To Ask When Hiring a Contractor

You’ve decided to go for it: you’re going to gut your kitchen or your bathroom. You’ve planned (and pinned) for what seems like EVER and you’re ready to hire a contractor to start demo!! But what questions do you ask when hiring a building contractor? Where do you start? All your overflowing Pinterest boards for […]

Outdoor Summer Essentials

*This post contains some affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when you purchase through these links. Thanks for keeping Lot 35 + the Blog rockin’! (Source) Ahh, summer.  I’m looking forward to pulling together some outdoor summer essentials to make these three months of sunshine extra sunshiney. We […]

House Numbers DIY

Ah, house numbers. Everyone has them, but nobody talks about them and their unattractive qualities. Kind of like stray chin hairs or that weird mole you just discovered (you should maybe get that checked out by the way). When we bought our house, the house numbers came with. Functional, but not necessarily eye candy. I […]

5 Step Gallery Wall

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project, especially as something as easy personalized as a gallery wall? I’m crazy about gallery walls. Gimme all of them. I want gallery walls full of art, decor, baskets, mirrors.Family pictures? Yes.Plants? Fershizzle!Fake animal heads? Umkay.Taxidermy childhood pet? No. Ew.Gallery walls are versatile and can be as quirky or […]

Beach Condo: REVEAL!

I’ve heard it said that the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, and the sea. When the sand’s squeaking underfoot and your lips are lightly salted, it somehow feels like coming home. Our clients have the pleasure of being able to see sand and surf right out the balcony window of their 800 […]

“Be Our Guest” House Renovation: REVEAL!

What do you get when you combine a 500 square foot guest house, some elbow grease, and a modern+boho feel? Well, just the cutest little guest house EVER. Our clients had a pretty large renovation on their hands, so they called Ryan to come tackle the construction side of it, and have me give a […]

Sweet Bedroom: Reveal

Who loves a good before and after? Me, me! I do! Of course, being the one to pull everything together for the after does remove the element of surprise, buuuuut I still love it. Our clients had recently purchased their home, and as they settled in to their new digs, they called me to transform […]