Decorating for Special Needs

My style in my home is heavily impacted by something (or rather someone) very important to me: my daughter. She has special needs, so a lot of things that would work in others’ homes would definitely not work in mine.

Our Story and Why Design Matters To Our Family

Interior design is a passion of mine because of how it’s impacted our lives and the lives of the families we work with. When I get messages from clients when we’ve finished a space that say, “We are spending so much more time as a family. We snuggle up together in our bed and watch […]

3 Signs You’re Ready to Hire an Interior Designer

Have you ever been mid-project and you think, “It would be so nice to not have to make another decision and just let someone else do this for me”? I tend to have those thoughts when I’m trying to DIY a project and I’m on hour 74 of pretending I know how to reupholster a […]

House Hunting: What to Hunt For

Looking for a new home can be STRESSFUL. Trying to find one in a location you love, a price range that you can afford, and style that you love can feel nearly impossible. It needs a backyard for the kids, a window above the kitchen sink, and (hopefully) doesn’t need a lot of work. I […]

Favorites: Window Treatments

Windows are the eyes of the house, and window treatments are the false lashes and winged eyeliner. Curtains and shades add so much warmth to a space, even if they’re a neutral color. We’ve used a variety of custom and box store window treatments over the years, and I wanted to share some of my […]

Moss Bowl

I love moss, and good thing because in Oregon it grows EVERYWHERE. Moss creeps up tree trunks, drips from the branches and covers the forest floor with a springy carpet. It makes everything green. It’s truly magical. We made the neatest sign for our shoppe with lots of moss (and LOTS of hot glue) and […]

Wire Basket Bookshelf DIY

When I saw a wood and wire basket bookshelf at Pottery Barn, I knew I had to use them in our client’s playroom. but… I figured, hey! I could make those for a fraction of the cost (it’s sold for $129). This knockoff version costs about $40 for a two basket shelf that is roughly […]

Anni’s Story

We are special needs parents. We do our best to navigate appointments with specialists, the world of IEPs, medical equipment, adapting our home, our work life, and social life to meet the needs of our children. We wanted to share more about Anni’s specific diagnosis, what it is (what, you’d never heard of mucopolysaccharidosis? Neither […]

Starting a Business: 8 Simple Steps

You have an idea. The entrepreneurial spark is burning and you’re wanting to move forward. Here is some encouragement + basic steps to putting that idea into a business. Starting a business can be scary, risky, terrifying, (insert any other impending doom adjective here), but it can also be thrilling, empowering, FUN, and energizing. Don’t […]

Why Projects Take So Long

If you’re anything like me, I want the HGTV way when it comes to projects: done in 20 minutes for $20.That literally NEVER happens. Like, ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a DIYer, or you’ve hired the pros to complete a project for you, no doubt you’ve been frustrated by the amount of time it […]